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Chris Part Six – School Plays an Important Role in Progress:

After Chris returned home from the nursing home, high school and Chris’s friends played the next important step in her recovery process from brain injury. Living in a small community has its advantages: people rallied together and asked the family how they could help. Friends spent time with Chris at home and included her in going shopping or outings to the mall. High school was able to provide a structured day for Chris, an important part of her rehab/recovery. She got up at a specified time, went to physical therapy and speech therapy and then went to school. Although Chris remembers feeling “dumb” when she was placed in an LD classroom, she was able to receive more one-on-one attention and the assistance she needed with her school work and other learning tasks like remembering and writing. As a result, she graduated on time. Chris talks about attempting to continue her education by going to a technical school, however, they lacked the structure, focus and assistance she needed to be successful.


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