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Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury: Part Nineteen of Angela’s Story

Angela explains her depression after traumatic brain injury:

I didn’t know what depression was and I do know what depression is now.  Because depression is not what people think when they say, you know, your dog died and you’re sad, that is not depression.  That is actually, that, it’s, it’s sad.  It’s grief, its loss, you know.

But depression is actually when you want – you actually know, for me anyway, I know that I don’t hate my life.  I know I don’t not want to live.  Every part of me that is reasonable, knows that the feelings that I’m feeling related to my emotions have no real foundation and yet every morning when I wake up, I am still severely depressed that I do think that the only answer is not to live.

However, I want to live.  I want to change the world.< I want other people like me not to have to do this and so I want people to know that they’re not alone and depression is not sad and being depressed doesn’t mean you have to accept that.  Like I am depressed, I suffer severely with depression.  Now I’m untreatable.  Like it doesn’t seem to go away.

But I get up every day and I know that there is hope and I fight to find it and that is part of who I was and remain each and every day no matter what my brain does.

We believe that through Angela’s story of depression after traumatic brain injury and  the other TBI Voices, there will be more hope and better answers to “Who Am I, Again?

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