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Doug Part Five – Living Each Day After Recovery from Coma

Doug’s typical day begins at 7:30 to take medication. He handles fixing breakfast and dinner on his own; lunch is sent from the healthcare center to give him a break from preparing one of his daily meals. Other activities during the day include watching TV and using the computer to check emails and keep up with his favorite sports happenings. His aide arrives in the evening around 7. Because of Doug’s severe physical limitations and lengthy inpatient stay at Clearview, one might assume him to have significant memory impairment. However, after listening to Doug describe how to make his favorite recipe and discussing the Packers, it is evident that Doug functions better than one might have expected. Doug was on time for his interview, seems to handle changes in routine, and is able to deal with noise, distractions and being in crowded environments—other positive signs of functioning.

Doug Part Six – Dealing with Seizures and Headaches

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