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Doug Part Seven – Vocational Rehabilitation After Brain Injury

Continuous mental work helps to re-wire damaged pathways in the brain, which ultimately results in better long-term outcomes for people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Vocational rehabilitation and community re-integration ideally could work in tandem to help achieve both mental and emotional benefits. By retraining persons suffering from TBI to find different, but satisfying work, and re-integrating them into society, both the person with a disability and society would benefit. Sadly, this just doesn’t happen in far too many cases. In Doug’s early evaluations, it was determined he could not withstand full time work because of his physical limitations. Doug seems to have the ability and willingness to work. He could probably do well at a job sitting at and using a computer to communicate, yet this does not appear to be the kind of counseling done through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.


Doug Concludes with Part Eight – Community Integration

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