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Elizabeth Part Two

Elizabeth suffered a second, seemingly mild, brain injury three years after her first injury. After clocking out from her job one day in March of 2005, conditions were slippery when walking to her truck; Elizabeth fell and once again hit her head. Unlike her first injury, she did not lose consciousness and did not require hospitalization. Although she appeared to not exhibit problems with amnesia after this injury, her functioning changed significantly. Symptoms that Elizabeth had been able to accommodate and control after her first injury, became problematic – dizziness, head pain from the plate in her head, difficulty performing at an adequate pace. What is interesting is that Elizabeth was able to return to work successfully just months after her first injury which involved a coma, yet had to eventually stop working after her second, less serious injury. Difficulties experienced from her first injury seemed to increase exponentially after her second injury; Elizabeth’s husband corroborates the change in her functioning.

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