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Elizabeth Part Three – Treatment for Severe Brain Injury


In this segment, Elizabeth describes her life prior to her severe brain injury and then talks about the treatment and rehab she received after her injury. Elizabeth was 36 and describes herself as a hard-working, fun-loving person. She worked at a cheese company as a material handler, someone who operates a machine which cuts cheese into various shapes, sizes and forms. She enjoyed life and played as hard as she worked, doing things like playing volleyball and spending time with family and friends.

Elizabeth was hospitalized for a month after her accident in March 2002 and then received therapy from a speech therapist to assist with memory and comprehension difficulties and a physical therapist to help her with mobility issues. Her therapy was terminated two months after leaving the hospital, since hers was a workman’s comp case whereby the employer’s insurance company has the ability to refuse additional therapy which ordinarily would be considered crucial and realistic for one’s recovery. Elizabeth returned to work in June 2002.


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