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Future after Catastrophic Brain Injury: Rita Part Seventeen

In my conclusion with Rita and my interviews with her mom, we talked about her future after catastrophic brain injury and how every day renews her hope.

Where do you see your as your future after catastrophic brain injury?

You know what?  I haven’t even thought about that.  I really can’t because I don’t know.

This injury has not just taken one person out of the mainstream, it has taken three.


What  would you want to say to families and survivors who are just getting to the point they can get some benefit from our stories and see the future after catastrophic brain injury?

You can just never give up, never give up.  You know, every day you see something.  We, we do, it’s amazing.  It, it’s a miracle, it really is.  You get to witness a miracle.  I try to say that to make myself better, I mean feel, feel better, but you just can’t give up.

I have to tell myself that because you do feel like giving up.  It’s hard. I do, my husband and I have, –  he is just the greatest guy.  He, he really is.  And so we have each other.  We do.  I can’t imagine people, you know, being alone which I know a lot of people are.  So at least we have each other and that has helped.  That has helped.

What are you doing to keeping your own mental health?

I go to an exercise class a couple times a week.  I did that before and that’s like one of the main things that I’ve been able to get back to and I read, you know.

Are you involved in a church?

No, no.  I have been though in the past and I, it’s one of the things in the back of my mind but I, I feel it’s hard to go.  I would want to go with her maybe I don’t know.  See I haven’t figured that out in my mind.  Am I going to go with her, am I just going to go by myself, you know, I don’t really like going new places with her, you know, and meeting new people.

What about the other networking, you said you were really involved in that?

I am. I don’t go to any of those anymore.  I don’t do anything, you know, I’m not in, in my real estate business at all, just totally gave it up.  My license is on referral status right now.

Anything else you want to add regarding the future after catastrophic brain injury?

No, except thank you.  I hope I was somewhat helpful in your project.

You were very helpful. Thank you. 

Rita – the story of hope surviving in the face of lack of resources and frustration.  Three good people who try so hard, should be getting more help.


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