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Memory of Time In TBI Rehab: TJ Part Eleven

TJ and I talked about his memory of time in TBI Rehab in which he says he has very little of. His memory returns toward the end of his time there. He does have some memory of coming home but not a clear remembrance of it.  He speaks of how he thought he was in jail rather than in Rehab. He remembered the chase of the car accident and thought he was caught by the police and they took him to jail. He also thought he was in Bridgeport Connecticut ‘s jail rather than in inpatient rehab.  All this may have contributed to his behavioral problems we talked about in part ten.

When your memory returns, it’s towards the end of your time at the rehab, was it Spalding?


Do you have just bits and pieces of  memory of time in TBI Rehab?


Do you remember coming home?

A little bit.  I thought I was in Bridgeport, Connecticut in jail, to be honest.

Were you in Connecticut, when you got hurt?

No.  I turned around and thought I was in jail; they caught me. They told me I was in jail.

You remembered the chase and thought that you were in jail?

I remember the chase, yeah.  That’s why I thought I was in jail.  I thought they caught me and they took me to jail.

So your first memory is something that’s actually, fairly emotional, fairly traumatic, thinking that you were in jail?


What about coming home?  Do you remember coming home?

A little bit.

What do you remember?

Came home to the Connecticut and did outpatient rehab.

Where was the outpatient rehab?

Danbury, Connecticut.

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