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Natural Hormone Replacement for TBI: Kelly Part Twenty Seven

In part twenty-seven Kelly and I talked about the importance of natural hormone replacement for TBI and how they help stabilize her moods.

Are you taking any medications?

Well, I’m taking cholesterol medication.  I’m taking antidepressant, one I chose for myself.

So you are on an antidepressant?


What would you say is the reason that you are taking this is?

Mood, mood depression or mood enhancement.


Kelly Discovers Natural Hormone Replacement for TBI Work for Her Moods

Do you feel that that’s related to the injury you suffered or just the circumstances that resulted from the injuries you suffered?



Well, the first antidepressant they had me on, and again, I alluded that I thought it was also interacting with my hormones, and it literally had me bouncing off the walls. Not literally, but mentally, not physically, but mentally I felt like I was jumping up one side of the wall, down the other and landing on my head on the floor.

And that antidepressant was just not working on the sane ends, but it just wasn’t working.  So I went back to my doctor and I said, “I cannot deal with these mood swings.  So let’s try something.”  So they put me on a different antidepressant which instead of bouncing off the walls, I was doing cartwheels up and down the walls, you know.   I was fluctuating even greater.

And I says, “Listen, I cannot take these fluctuations in mood.  Just get me off of these things.”  Well, in the massage business, one of my clients says, “Kelly, when I was your age and going through that, that menstruation, that physical change,” she says, “I found out that it was pretty much my hormones, so I got on a natural hormone replacement.”

And she told me the name of it so I went and bought me some of that natural hormone (natural hormone replacement for TBI) and I take it to this day.  It’s an over-the‑counter supplement; and it take it, but still it’s calmed me down a whole, a whole bunch.  But I still can where sometimes where I really just want to calm down these overwhelming stimuluses of the noise and things.  So  that must be still related to this injury and the hormones.  So, I asked my doctor about this particular antidepressant and he says, “Well, it’s a pretty good one.  Let’s try it.”  So, I’ve been on, I’m taking that one now.

How long have you been taking natural hormone replacement for TBI?

Three years.

And the natural hormone replacement for TBI has stabilized your mood?

I do believe so.  I still don’t like noise, but it stabilized my moods.

Do you find that you had similar problems if you got in heavy traffic when you were driving?


What about crowds?  You ever go to places like baseball games or things like that?

I have been; don’t like it.  because, because again it’s all the noise.  Crowds don’t bother me really, unless it’s, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, oh God.

What happened?

Everybody takes their kids and it’s just the noise the crowds put out.

While Kelly has had a poster child recovery, she still has her Achilles heel: children.

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