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Never Giving Up: Betty Part Twelve

Dealing with the grief for what is lost and finding a way to see the hope. Never giving up  is perhaps the biggest challenge for any brain injury survivor.  Says Betty:

If I couldn’t remember any of (who I was before) and just came out of being in a coma and having to start all over again that wouldn’t be a problem but since I can remember, you know, who I was before I was hurt and the obstacles I’ve had to overcome that’s been difficult.

But Betty’s one of the miracles, a person with a coma that last into the second month, with amnesia that stretched into the third month.  She needed brain surgery, overcame paralysis and got great care that last for years.  She honestly discussed her difficult times, sharing personal details that others might be unwilling to do.  She volunteered to be part of TBI Voices because “I think traumatic brain injury plays a very important part in society today and because people are living.  There’s a lot that needs to be done.”

Betty’s voice on TBI Voices is a strong message for hope, and we hope her last words will ring true for all of those who deal with this disability, especially those who are new to the struggles:

I’d like to tell brain injury survivors that first thing is don’t ever give up, just don’t ever give up.  In therapy I, there were three people that gave up and it was very difficult.  Work as hard as you can and just know that the therapists and the people, the professionals that you’re working with are not trying to take away from you, they’re trying to build up what you already have to make you a contributing member of society and just always keep working and just always hold in your memory that you’re the best that you can be and that tomorrow you’re gonna find something else that you’re gonna be better at and just continue to improve and always try to keep a positive mental attitude, that’s a big thing too.

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