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Recollections of Severe Brain Injury Therapy: TJ Part Twelve

In part twelve I talked to TJ about his therapy that he received at Spalding (the outpatient/inpatient rehabilitation center he was a patient at.  This part is mostly just about his recollections of severe brain injury therapy.  He received physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology at this institution. We discussed the physical therapy and how he regained his ability to walk.  It was a slow process as he started out in a wheelchair and progressed to a walker.  He tells about what they did to help him walk such as the support they gave him when he did eventually walk again on his own.  By the time he returned home he wasn’t dependent on a wheel chair anymore and only used a walker to help stabilize him.

What are your recollections of severe brain injury therapy?

A little bit.

What do you remember about it?

Like, where it was and what I did.

Were you getting physical therapy?

Physical, speech and occupational.

What were they doing in physical therapy?

Helping me walk.

Now, when you first begin to remember, are you able to walk?

No, maybe not.

Were you in a wheelchair or using a walker?


Were you in a wheelchair, when you came home?


So, while you were at Spalding, they got you to the point you would at least be able to use a walker?

Yeah.  Mainly walker; there’s a wheelchair and my feet.

And when you went to the outpatient rehab, you were working on your walking, so that you could walk better?


What did that consist of?

The therapists were here, here (pointing to each arm) and one behind me, in case I fell.  To keep me walking.

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