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Brain Injury Return to Work: Part Eight of Angela’s Story

Sadly, even a chronological discussion of Angela’s post accident period, seems to have treatment and return to work confused.  After recovering from her bruises, she went back to work, right after the 4th of July, at a time she was still amnesic.  Before her brain injury return to work,  she had received no treatment, no guidance as to what to expect.  Even if she had, her memory might not have been working well enough to have noted the advice.

While away all of the loans she had been working on had been given to someone else or closed. Thus, when she went back, she started with little work. But each day the workload increased and her difficulties escalated.  Angela suffered an injury to her frontal lobes, which can be seen on an MRI.  One of the most classic examples of Angela’s frontal deficits are her difficulty in planning and follow through.</p>

Angela Talks About Her Struggle of Her Brain Injury Return to Work

“When I went back to work, the difficulty in deciding (what to do when). You don’t know what you have done, and so you need to assess what you have done and do things on this. Order an appraisal for example or a title, whatever needed to be done, I used to have a system to get it all done, but I knew what needed to be done on each file and I just had that in my head. When I went back to work that part was missing but I didn’t know why.“

Here is Angela’s account,  in her own,  voice on the events of her being brain injured and going back to work:

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