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Severe Behavioral Problems In TBI Rehab: TJ Part Ten

As Michelle said earlier, they were unprepared for how challenging TJ’s neurobehavior was going to be. TJ had severe behavioral problems in TBI Rehab.

When he was at Spaulding did he have any insight as to why he was there?

Oh, he had no idea.  He had no idea where he was or what he was doing here.

Was that part of the reason for the wandering off and the security measures?

Yeah, he was, he was classified, he had to be in his room by himself.  They had to move the roommate out.  It was not fun.

What severe behavioral problems in TBI Rehab did TJ have?

Then?  Oh, he was chasing the nurses with like, what, what we consider chasing which is a joke, but he was trying to hit them with the washcloth and screaming at them.   He did have a cane which they took away.  That’s why he had no walker.  TJ went from a wheelchair to just walking because every time they gave him an instrument to assist him, he would go after somebody with it.

And swing it at them?

Yes. So that’s why it was very important for us to be there as much as possible.

And you had said they gave a little bit of warning what it was going to  be like when you got home?  What did they tell you about TJ’s severe behavioral problems in TBI Rehab?

What did they tell me; just they kept saying over and over be, beware of the outbursts and I kept looking, I had no idea what they were talking about, and I found out – very quickly.

What did you find out about hissevere behavioral problems in TBI Rehab ?

I found that with just by saying good morning to TJ he could all of a sudden snap where he’s screaming in your face and you’re scared for your life, and he’s never actually hit me, but he’s been right there, you know, a breath away and it, it’s scary.

Were you his primary caregiver when he was growing up?

No.  He lived partly with his mom after the age of 8 and once we got married.  He would spend the weekends with us and on Tuesdays, and then when he turned, I believe it was either 15 or 16 he moved in with us full time until he left at 18.

Do you feel like you had a mom role in his life? Were you always more of a friend or a mom?

I definitely had a mom role.

So, to some degree, it was a natural interaction for you to basically take the mom and caregiver role.   There was no, you know, let me take the backseat here; no.

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