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TBI Book: Lori Part Twenty Six

One way that Lori has helped her progress as far as conquering some of her issues is the TBI book that she wrote of her own experiences.

So tell me about your TBI book. 

So it’s called Am I Brain Damaged.  I self-published.  And that is huge for me because I am a traumatic brain injury survivor.

At one point in my recuperation I was told I’d never go beyond an eighth grade education, that I wouldn’t be able to read as an adult and that I wouldn’t be able to write as an adult, and I wrote a book and I self-published it.

That was four years ago and it had many errors.  And two years ago, I re-self-published, and the first self-publishing was through a self-publishing company.  The second time I found my own printer, I found my own person to do the graphic design of my cover.  I didn’t like the regular margins, I repaginated everything, I redid all of my titles.

There’s still about three errors but it’s, it’s a good, I think I would at least get a B+ in college for it, so that’s huge.

How many pages is in your TBI book? 

It’s 160.

What is your TBI book about?

It is a memoir of my, the recreation of me, of my rehabilitation and into the world of the non-brain injured.

The book offers more insight than we were able to get just from this interview:

In reading my book I think that people, that family members and caregivers will very much more be able to see what we go through and what we’re seeing.  I think that’ll give them a new compassion.

The brain injured, I think that’ll give them motivation.  I’m hoping that I can be a model to show that things can get better and in reading my book there’s much more detail and, and, um, more instances of things that happened, good and bad.  And to the general public it’s a great story, so –


Lori Concludes in Part Twenty Seven – The Thesis of Her Story

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