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Brain Injury Accommodations: Part Seven of Angela’s Story

Brain injury accommodations for Angela’s story, as all stories, jumps around between present and past.  Questions about past memory problems often lead to answers about current memory functioning.  Brain injured individuals are always told to write things down.

“I had a lot of anxiety, about things I was going to look up when I got home or things that I was going to write down. So I had a lot of notebooks.  If I was at Wal-Mart and I had things that I would think that I had to write down and I would grab a notebook and then buy the notebook, I literally had 12 notebooks, that all had notes in them.”

Angela Finds the Ipad a Very Useful Brain Injury Accommodation

Brain injury survivors who have memory problems are told to write down everything to help them remember things like appointments, important dates, grocery lists, etc.  In Angela’s case she starting using notebooks to help her to remember important things.  She ended up with so many notebooks, after a while they became cumbersome so her Dad came up with a clever way to help his daughter and bought her an Ipad.  Angela, thanks to her Dad,  has found an elegant solution to the problem of too many notebooks.  While not a cure,  a solution that Apple Computers would be very fond of.  Now she only has to check it everyday instead of going through notebooks.  Because to this day her short term memory is impaired she uses this brain injury accommodation as her guide on a daily basis. Angela explains in her own words what a help this has been for her in her everyday struggles with her memory problem:


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