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Brain Injury Advocacy

The Brain Injury Law Group, SC was founded by Gordon S. Johnson, Jr., with one of our core foundations the mission of education and brain injury advocacy for survivors of brain injury.  We have successfully used the internet to reach hundreds of thousands of people with the need to learn about brain injury since we first went online in 1996.

Towards that foundational goal, we have sponsored several brain injury related web pages: and its companion site: Beginning in 2011, we began the TBI Voices initiative, the comprehensive interview of dozens of TBI Survivors – 

We are active with respect to education and teaching about brain injury issues and are available to speak to brain injury groups on a number of topics on brain injury advocacy.

We know that the representation of those with a brain injury requires specialized background and training, that a brain injury case, even a severe TBI requires the best attorney. For more on why someone with a brain injury should only considered a TBI attorney, see

Brain Injury Advocacy: Brain Injury Law Group, SC

Brain Injury Advocacy Attorney Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.

Attorney Gordon S. Johnson, Jr., is an attorney with more than 20 years of brain injury experience, whose practice is focused on representing those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries/TBI.

Attorney Johnson’s advocacy is not limited to legal representation of the brain injured, but also includes a generation long commitment to education and advocacy about brain injury.

Mr. Johnson is a member of the Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin.  His service for the BIA-Wisconsin has included serving two terms on its board  and editing the associations newsletter. Attorney Johnson has been appointed by Wisconsin’s governor to the state sub-agency, the TBI-Advisory Board.

Mr. Johnson is the past Chairman of the TBILG, the American Association of Justices, Litigation Group for TBI.

He is a 1975 graduate of Northwestern University, BS-Journalism and a graduate cum laude of the University of Wisconsin Law School, 1979.

He has spoken about TBI all over the United States.

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