Phone Call Because of Brain Injury


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So about 20 minutes after that I got the phone call from the friend who was riding in the vehicle with my daughter and husband and he said that they had been an accident, that my daughter has a goose egg on her forehead and, she was breathing on her own but unconscious and they were taking her out of the vehicle to the hospital. – See more click here. 


One of my friends heard it on a scanner, and just by the description of what they were saying and where the location of the accident, she just put everything together and knew it was Jessica and came to the party to get me. (It was) terrifying, because we didn’t know any details. We didn’t know anything. We didn’t know how bad it was. So we went to the hospital right away and met the doctors there who told us they were working on her.


Well, I was home and my husband had just left not more than 15 minutes and the phone rang and it was a girl.  She identified herself as one of the ER nurses at Marshfield Hospital and she said that we needed to get down there right away because our son had had a car accident and he was in the intensive care – or he was actually in the emergency room at the time and she said you need to get down here. – See more click here 


Yes.  It was 10:30 at night.  So we didn’t get the knock on the door until 4:30 in the morning.

This time it was a knock on the door instead of a phone call.  A knock that signaled that life as they knew it was over, not just for Rita but for both of her parents.  The only ones our current system can find to help Rita get better are her parents.


We had gotten a call.  We were building the home that you’re sitting in and we were down here and we were leaving on Sunday to fly into New York.  You had asked TJ why he’s a New York Yankee fan.  We lived on the border of New York and Connecticut; he lived there his whole life.

He had only moved to Massachusetts two months prior to the accident, so we were flying back to JFK and we had gotten a call in the morning and we flew into Boston and then my husband had to fly back to JFK, get the car drive back up, but we had gotten a call: They had many people looking for us.


He occasionally would get delayed, or just hang out and forget to, to call; so, I kept calling his cell phone and probably the fourth or fifth call, someone else answered his cell phone and told me that he had been in an accident, and he was on his way to the hospital.

I didn’t believe them.  I thought they were joking.  I said, you know, shut up and just put him on the phone.  I know he’s late and he’s probably avoiding the call; just put him on the phone; and they said no, no, we’re serious.  And I said, oh, well is he in an ambulance or helicopter?  They said, oh, an ambulance.  I said okay, well what hospital, Del Rey Medical Center; okay.  And we went.