Brain Injury Recovery – Miracle Brings Hope

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Brain Injury Recovery: Fred Part One Like our last story, two brain injuries, one mild, one severe.  But unlike the Elizabeth story and her brain injury recovery, for Fred, the mild injury occurred first, a decade before the second.  On the surface, the two have no connection to each other, other than to demonstrate to […]

Emerging from the Coma Not Movie Style

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Emerging from the Coma: Fred Part Two In the movies, the injured person simply wakes up, coherent, despite amnesia that might cover an entire lifetime. In the real world, a emerging from the coma ends slowly, in stages, with the survivor opening eyes, with little or no cognitive function, followed by a gradual return of awareness. […]

Process of Recovering from Brain Injury

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Process of Recovering from Brain Injury: Part Three Before we get into Fred’s process of recovering from brain injury, lets talk a little about who Fred was before his brain injury.  Before his accident, Fred was a high school graduate who hadn’t bothered with college, but was working fulltime. He describes his job: I was working […]

Coming Home after Severe Brain Injury after Leaving Rehab

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Coming Home after Severe Brain Injury: Fred Part Four Leaving rehab and coming home after severe brain injury  is always a mixed bag.  There is the joy of reunion, of return to normalcy, of release from an institution and just plain coming home after severe brain injury. Yet that is soon replaced by the complexity of […]

Recovery Post Brain Injury: Ten Months Later

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Recovery Post Brain Injury: Fred Part Five The only visible evidence of Fred’s injury is the trach scar. He was friendly, bright, thoughtful and appropriate in all of his responses, including showing subtle and appropriate humor. Based upon all prognosis guidelines, he has defied the odds of recovery post brain injury . From his own perspective, his […]

Post Brain Injury Headaches, Neurological and Visual Problems

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Post Brain Injury Headaches: Fred Part Six Post Brain Injury Headaches.  Post Brain injury headache is probably the most common complaint after any head or brain injury, whether mild or severe post brain injury headaches.  Fred does have continuing but improving with his post brain injury headaches. He says regarding his post brain injury headaches: Well, […]

Previous Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: The Relevance Of

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Previous Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Fred Part Seven In our Elizabeth story, we discussed at length the cumulative impact of her second, mild TBI on her overall disability.  Elizabeth’s recovery from her severe TBI was progressing nicely until she suffered a concussion in a fall during her return to work. Since that concussion, she has been […]

Post Trauma of TBI- Believe in Nothing Short of a Miracle

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Post Trauma of TBI: Part Eight One of our primary goals in creating and throughout TBI Voices is to speak up to help those families who are new to this crisis.  How to help them with the post trauma of TBI. Much of the motivation for was summarized by my co-author Becca in 1997 […]