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Brain Injury Radio: Craig Part Twenty Seven

Craig talks about his part in Brain Injury Radio.  How it got started, his audience and what the Brain Injury Radio show is all about.

You’re part of something called the Brain Injury Radio? Tell me about Brain Injury Radio.

Well, originally, that was two years ago I started it.  It was once a month I wanted to just get on for a half an hour and rant and rave.  That’s when it started.   I had some interesting things.   A couple hundred people started listening to it pretty quick.

And when you say you get on, you’re getting on where?

It was originally just on the Internet.   Now our feed’s actually used by Citadel, when they have blank spots, ours is better than nothing now.

Internet wise, it’s like booming, some of our shows get several thousand archived views in a weekend, which is pretty amazing that there’s that many people who want to hear us.   We get people from all over the world that are listening and they’re connecting through this media and it’s kind of amazing.

Right now we’re up to, I want to say a dozen hosts, a dozen different shows, and more waiting to back up.  We’re just trying to conquer the one hour a day right now, but I see us going to three hours a day, three shows a day.

One hour a day on what?

The best way to find is and we’re also on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes.

So these would be almost like a podcast format?

You can listen to them live or, and you can call in on the phone.

And you’re listening to it on your computer not on the radio itself?

Either, on AM station, computer, now we have the iPhone and Android application, you can listen to live.

It is on a syndicated AM radio stations?

When they have a blank spot. My hope is that we get so good that it we be the Rush Limbaugh of brain injury.  Well at least the money. I don’t care for the Rush part.

Is this all again part of the TBI Survivor’s Network  or is it separate?

It’s part of the TBI Survivor’s Network, absolutely.

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