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 Writing After Brain Injury: Zach Part Twenty One 

One blessing of his recovery from severe brain injury is that Zach discovered his gift for writing after brain injury.  While now his verbal communication skills is seemingly intact, his writing skills are exceptional.  Read even a few pages of his book, the Miracle Kid, and you will drawn in.

While that talent was likely latent before his brain injury, the struggles and isolation that came after his brain injury, made that talent his special thing, his writing after brain injury, much like hitting a baseball before had been, that thing.

Somewhere in there you discovered that writing after brain injury was one of your easiest forms of expression.  Talk to me about that.

Well, how my writing started: I was on the phone with my mom and she said, we’re going to find you a major so we’re all generals.  “You like to write.”  And I’m like: “Well, that’s a good idea.  So I changed my major. I changed it like three or four times and in the first like couple of months.

At least early enough you didn’t have to start over.

Yeah.  Then I had so much, my anger I guess built up, like I was so like alienated, always on my own.  I never really had someone to talk to. I always heard that you have so much fun in college and I’m not, you know.

So I’m like, I have to get this out somehow.  So I just sat down and I started writing about everything and I wrote. I built off my college essay, it was a good starting point.  My first chapter (in my book) is my college essay.   So I just started from there and I just started writing about things that happened to me and stuff like that.

You started to make a diary or a log? When did you start that?

Not really a log. I would write what happened to me as diary form or as a log form and, uh, it just ended up becoming my book.


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