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 Social Life After Severe Brain Injury: Zach Part Twenty Four 

We start this part talking about meds that Zach may have been on in which he reveals that he doesn’t take any.  We go on to talk about what Zach did to improve his social life after severe brain injury.

Were you on medication in that first year after your accident?


I assume you had some pain meds when you had the foot surgery. 

Maybe.  I feel they gave them to me but I don’t like to take that stuff.

So other than the round of alcohol you haven’t taken any medicines?


After you came out of the drinking binge, phase, what did you do to try to get a social life after severe brain injury?

To get a social life?

Did you do any dating as part of your social life after severe brain injury?

Oh, I did some dating but every girl. I feel like every girl thought like, knew they could kind of string me along a little bit, you know.  They didn’t know I had a head injury but because of my head injury I was easily strung along.

When you say that, what do you mean?

They’d lead me on.  Like girls would tell me they liked me and they, they didn’t.  You know, it’s like they would test me. I like you and they would like go do something else.

Why do you feel like they didn’t like you?

Well, I knew they liked me but they just wanted to keep me just in case, you know.  And like, if anything happens I can always (date) this guy.  So, it was kind of annoying.

So do you have a girlfriend now?

Uh, no.

Did you have a girlfriend at any time since you broke up with your high school girlfriend?

Have I had one  since?



What was the longest that you were in a relationship as part of your social life after severe brain injury?

Uh, three months.

Was that good?

It was pretty good.  We just we decided that we’re not a good match, you know, and that’s all it was.

Somebody from UMass?  

Somebody from here, yeah.

How long has it been since you were in a relationship?

A week.

A week? Did you just break up?

Yeah, we just broke up.  We’re still friends though, so, you know.

It may not be over yet?

Yeah.  Yeah.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

By the time this gets online who knows. 

Yeah.  Right.

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